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The Alliance has been the advocate on Mark Keppel’s behalf at city council meetings, school board meetings, and in the media. As an organization, we have raised money to support the academic and sports programs at the school, to provide “the extras” that the School District cannot. We continue striving to meet the goals set down by the founders of the organization...

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6/28/24 - 7/4/24

The success of Alliance's annual fireworks fundraiser is what mainly enables us to support Mark Keppel's various departments. Our booth, located in Atlantic Square, is run by student and parent volunteers.



5K Run/Walk


Our annual Fear the Spear 5K is organized by a student-led committee. At the event, you'll find family-friendly games, performances by Mark Keppel's very own pep teams, and lots of community spirit. We encourage everyone to be a part of the 5K experience!

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Upcoming Funds

Next: Chipotle Fundraiser

Alliance holds various fundraising events throughout the school year, such as food fundraisers, themed bake sales, and more!





2023-24 AP Scholarship Recipients


At Mark Keppel High School Alliance, we strive to support student education and engagement. At the heart of our core values are hard work, leadership, and character---our AP scholarships were created to recognize such. The scholarships allow teachers to nominate students based on academic excellence and merit.

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