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Class of 2023


Allyson Suzuki

Vice President,
Publicity, ambassador

Allyson Suzuki was a violinist and the president of MKHS Orchestra. She was also the president of NHS, vice president of United Sciences, treasurer of Tri-M, and a Math Field Day Committee member of Math Club. She joined Alliance because it was an organization that she was very passionate about since Alliance worked hard to make Mark Keppel such a safe and educational environment. Alliance gave back to many of the MKHS clubs that made her high school experience memorable.


Rachel Le

vice president, Records clerk, publicity, grants committee, ambassador

Rachel Le served as an Ambassador, Publicity, and Records Clerk. She joined Alliance because of the considerable role that Alliance played in most of the extracurriculars and activities that she had. That, along with much encouragement from her friends who were also in Alliance, convinced her to join. Aside from Alliance, she was part of Keppel's Speech and Debate team, Band, and competitive teams like Science Olympiad, Science Bowl, and Oceans Bowl.


Sarah Byun

corresponding secretary, ap scholarship committee, grants committee

Sarah Byun joined Alliance in her junior year and served as a Corresponding Secretary. She also took part in the Aztec News, orchestra, band, Tri-M, CSF, NHS, and Essential C.A.R.E. Alhambra. She joined Alliance because she appreciated its efforts to serve the entire school, and she hoped that her role in the organization would play a part in benefiting Keppel.


Celine Kusuma

Corresponding secretary, ap scholarship chair, Grants chair

Celine Kusuma was a member of Alliance for four years. She joined in her freshman year because she was interested in the impact that Alliance had on Keppel. She saw it as a great opportunity to contribute back to school and become more connected to the community. Through Alliance, she was able to gain numerous experiences in different areas.


Katie Phan

Historian, summer fundraising chair, ambassador

Katie Phan served as an Ambassador and Historian. Other extracurriculars she was involved in were ASB, NHS, UNICEF, and FARMS. She enjoyed giving back to her community, and being able to help others was her main reason for joining Alliance. In her free time, she enjoyed hanging out with her friends and taking pictures of nice scenery.


Andrew Cho

Fireworks co-chair, ambassador

Andrew Cho served as an Ambassador. He joined Alliance to give back to the community around him. Outside of Alliance, he was heavily involved in the Instrumental Music Program at Keppel, being in both Band and Orchestra. He did music production in his free time and was part of the jazz ensemble at LA MusArt.


Diana Cordova

ap scholarship chair, fireworks co-chair, Ambassador

Diana Cordova served as an Ambassador, AP Scholarship Chairperson, and Fireworks Chair. At Mark Keppel, she took part in organizations such as Band, Speech & Debate, and Orchestra. She also participated in HOSA and CSF. She joined Alliance in hopes of giving back to her community and learning about different campus activities.


Selina Zhang

news editor, Ambassador

Selina Zhang served as an Ambassador and News Editor. Some clubs she participated in during her time at Keppel were Tri-M, FBLA, Band, and NHS. She joined Alliance because she wanted to be involved in an organization that did a lot to support Mark Keppel's students.

Roselyn Chin Alliance Photo.jpg

Roselyn Chin

vice president, recording secretary, 5K Chair

Roselyn Chin joined Alliance in 2020 to give back to her community and connect with others who share similar values. She highly appreciated the many opportunities Alliance gave to its members to develop both personally and professionally. At Mark Keppel, Roselyn was a member of the Aztec Band, SNHS, Tri-M Music Honor Society, NHS, Mu Alpha Theta, United Sciences, Math Club, Science Olympiad, and Mark Keppel's School Site Council. Outside organizations she was involved with include Let's Code, LAPL Chinatown Teen Council, Kode With Klossy, and TechGirls. Roselyn was especially passionate about equity in K-12 public education, diversity and inclusion within tech, and empowering youth.


Darrin Chung

grants chair, Ambassador

Darrin Chung served as an Ambassador and Grant Committee Chair. Some of the things he was involved with at Keppel were basketball, volleyball, CSF, and NHS. He joined Alliance because he felt that it was a good way for him to get involved in the school. It also allowed him to learn more about financial matters.


Isabella Rose Villora


Isabella Rose C. Villora was the vice president of MKHS Planet Save and a member of Math Club. She joined Alliance as a student ambassador to give back to her high school. She believed that the sense of community she found in Alliance helped offer a better overall education and experience for the students. She was also very passionate about music and playing the trumpet. She volunteered as an altar server and assisted the priest during Mass at St. Stephen Martyr Catholic Church.

Class of 2022

Isaias Martinez

Allison Chiang

Ashley Perez

Tiffany Thong

Justine Lee

Emily Chu

Derreck Tang

Karen Shieh

Katelyn Wong

Evan Zhang

Ariel Bautista

Class of 2021

Keith Lee

Genevieve Chin

Tristan Li

Kayli Choi

Derica Tang

Emma Lin

Katie Chen

Kelly Zhao

Lawrence Shieh

Polly Ren

Shawn Hwang

Mitchell Wong

Kristin Chang

Alan Xian

Soraya Shafer

Amanda Lee

Anne Chhor

Justin Phu

Vinh Yang

Nathan Tran

Sunheng Leng

Derrick Huang

Class of 2020

Alice Hernandez

Jessica Tieu

Colette Han

Crystal Pham

Justine Lee

Emily Chu

Zerlinda Lee

Selina Martinez

Michael Villora

Class of 2019

Brianna Proud

Kyle La

James Vo

Jian Yu

Chelsea Ng

Elvis Ma

Garrett Chung

Dylan Djoenadi

Stephanie Luu

Celest Toledo

Sarena Scott

Christine Le

Class of 2018

Karina Lee

Milton Mak

Evan Sakuma

Derek Ly

Ivy Yuan

Celeste Chan

Elena Martinez

Xavier Yu

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